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Related Activities



Related Activities

2009 to current - Founding Member of Saskatoon After Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon

1995 - 2020  Professional Affiliate, College of Graduate Studies, University of Saskatchewan

2018 - Hospitalfield Interdisciplinary Residency, Arbroath, Scotland

2018 - EMMA International Collaboration at Big River, Saskatchewan

2018 - Murmur Land Studio Workshop, Saskatchewan

2018 - Biophony : Ayatana Artists' Research Program in Gatineau, PQ

2016 - EMMA International Collaboration at Big River, Saskatchewan

2014 - Pillows for Dubai Workshop at Zayed University as part of ISEA 2014 Dubai

2013 - 2015 Transart Institute, Berlin, Germany

2012 - D'Clinic Residency, Lendava, Slovenia

2011 - 2013 Member of Board, PAVED Media Center, Saskatoon

2010 - Liminal Screen Residency Banff Center for the Arts, Banff, AB

1993 - 2008   Sessional  Instructor, Dep’t of Art & Art history, University of Saskatchewan

2008 - Residency, Chambre Blanche, Quebec City, PQ

2002 - 2007 -- Member of Red Head Gallery, Toronto, ON

2003 - Residency, Customhouse, Westport, Ireland

2004 - 2007 - Founding Member of Families Against Meth, Saskatoon, SK

2003-2004 - Founding Member of Board Flicks International Film Festival for Youth, Saskatoon, SK

2002 - Residency, Box Hotel, Barcelona, Spain

2001-2 Member of Board New West Review Magazine, published in Saskatoon, SK

1998-9 Member of Board, The Photographer's Gallery, Saskatoon
Chair of Programming Committee

1997-9 Member of Board and member of Editorial Committee, Blackflash Magazine, Saskatoon

1998    Visiting Photography Instructor Universidad Rafael Landivar, Guatemala City

1995-7 Member of Board, Video Verite Electronic Media Access Center

1993-4 Research Partnership Program Award - For this academic year, Dr. Diane Kirkpatrick, Chair of History of Art, University of Michigan and I were awarded a grant under the framework Art as Information. This project investigated the art historical and theoretical context of art which merges both aesthetic content and informational material.

1993 Site-Specific Installation Project -The School of Art at the University of Michigan initiated a Sound in Architecture Symposium, with environmental sound artist and architect Christopher Janney, known for his talking drums and orchestral staircases. In conjunction with this program, I organized a series of sound and space-based installations by graduate students.

992-3 Photo Re-Union: Processing A History - Hamilton Photo Union existed from 1982 to 1986 as a Artist-run Gallery in Hamilton, Ontario, the same years that I lived there as a practicing artist.
Under the organization of Anne Milne, all the people who were involved with this organization recreated its history. This project looked at the nature of history and memory. I contributed selected narratives from this particularly stormy time, as well as photographs that I had taken then.

1992-3 School Of Art Cluster Group - While a student at University of Michigan, I participated in an experimental project involving graduate students and faculty from the School of Art. This group, from a range of disciplines and experiences, looked at the creative process using various
strategies and activities.

1990-1 Consulting Curator to Cornwall Regional Art Gallery, Cornwall, Ontario
Curated exhibition The River as I Know It for Cornwall Regional Art Gallery

1991 Member of the Board and Chair of Exhibitions Committee Artcite Gallery Windsor, Ont.

1987-90 Member of Visual Arts Committee and Selection Committee Artspace Gallery Peterborough

1989 From Myth To Art - In conjunction with composer Murray Schaffer's outdoor multimedia event "The Greatest Show on Earth" in Peterborough, Ontario, I organized a collaborative mural project for children and adults, adapting some of Schaffer's themes for a younger audience.

1989 Attended Manchester International Symposium Landscape and Sculpture, Manchester, England

1982-6 Member of the Board Hamilton Artists' Inc., Hamilton, Ontario,
Served on various committees including Selection, Fundraising, and Curatorial Activities