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Artist Linda Duvall  developed  the web-based project trait d’union as part of Chambre Blanche’s programme performatif. Duvall met with members of Quebec’s cultural community, asking a series of questions about themselves, the community in which they live and work, and their relationship to a larger national or international art community.

This project would not exist without the support and asistance of various people within the Quebec art community.

Linda Duvall would like to thank her amazing assistant and tour guide Jeanne Landry-Belleau, also Maude Lévesque and François Vallée from La Chambre Blanche for their support and assistance, including translating, driving and all of the rest. She also thanks Benoit Cote for timely technical trouble shooting.

Linda Duvall is very grateful to the various artists and cultural workers from Quebec City who generously participated in this project. Many thanks to Jacqueline Bouchard, Guy Sioui Durand, Julie Théberge, Helene LaRoche, Guillaume Provost, Claude Belanger, Francois Guenette, Jasmin Bilodeau, Alain-Martin Richard, Maude Lévesque, Jocelyn Robert, Emily Laliberté, Jeanne Landry-Belleau, Rejean Lemoine, François Vallée, Richard Martel, Samuel Desauniers, Giorgia Volpe, Catherine Lachaussee, Myriam Lambert, Mathieu Dugal, Rejeanne Lizotte, Catherine-Eve Gadoury, Annie Levesque, Mathieu Doyon, Lina Lambert, Veronique Isabelle, Murielle Dupuis Larose, Sebastien Giguere, Jean-Pierre Guay, and Benham Geramiyan.

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