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The Toss


In the project The Toss Duvall documents her process of learning to physically toss others. Born out of her experience during a police take down, The Toss puts Duvall in relation to diverse trainers -- from Hollywood stunt experts to women's self-defense instructors -- from whom she learns to toss. She then enacts confrontations and tosses in various locations of perceived personal vulnerability. New to Duvall’s practice is the deconstruction of her own physical performance in the work while collaborating with camera operators who insert their own aesthetic vision in relation to filmic and narrative conventions.

Duvall hired 6 different martial arts or movie stunt people to teach her how to toss a person onto the ground. Then she chose urban locations in which one may be vulnerable - places like a parking garage, a back alley, a river walk, a trail in an urban park. For each location, Duvall emerges from distant shadows or from around a corner, and confronts a person (one of the trainers) who makes an aggressive move towards her. At the point of meeting but without any words or explanation, she flips the person onto the ground. Then she continues her walk.







Linda Duvall thanks the following people for their generous participation in the development and enactment of The Toss:

Trainers: Jessica Hamel - In Charge Self Defense Saskatoon

Savoy Howe - Toronto Newsgirls

Clayton McNally - In Charge Self Defense Saskatoon

Christopher Mott- Stage Combat Instructor, Rapier Wit Studios, Toronto

Dayo Odesanya - Toronto Hapkido Academy

Benson Virtucio – Krudar Muay Thai Toronto


Music Composition: Jay Semko, Randy Woods

Video Camera: Jason Ebank, Clark Ferguson, Ken Hama, Lee Henderson

Still Camera: Risa Horowitz, Amanda Loewy, John Loewy, Wendy Paterson, Tegan Smith

Color Correction: Lee Henderson

Editing Consultation: Duffy Smith

Technical Advice and Assistance: PAVED Arts Saskatoon,Trinity Square Video Toronto