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Linda Duvall was in residence at Chambre Blanche from Jan. 14 - Feb. 24, 2008


To view some of the videos from Trait d'union, click HERE


lights on street
stairs up the hill

Christmas lights are still up -
along the main street near Chambre Blanche

Steps to get up the mountain are just behind
Chambre Blanche.
I took the elevator though.


I go out for lunch with C. She had done a previous residency,
and is aware of how difficult it is to come into a new community, especially when the language is different.

I go alone to an opening on Friday night. I meet the one person from Quebec that I had met before in Toronto.
From there I meet other people. This is a slow process, but interesting to make note of the steps.

blue church
Chambre Blanche after my exercise class
The Blue Church with its Christmas lights


I receive a call from someone who wants to partipate
in this project.
As we talk, I realize that I should add questions
about surviving as an artist.
She talks about being very poor, but also rich.




I have been here for a week now.
I am just getting the cameras and lights set up.
Jeanne is setting up the website and the YouTube space.

I keep adjusting the questions as I talk to more people.


dark church

Snowplows are active here.
These are under my window.

Same church as above, but different angle

I completed my first few interviews and have started editing.
I realize that I need to organize the material by question,
because of the length of each answer.


Jeanne flash
studio week 3
Jeanne is absolutely amazing.
She has been getting the website ready,
as well as helping me to improve my French.
The residency room has become a production site
as well as an interview room.
car outside

Ravit measuring the snow
that is at the door to Chambre Blanche